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The Complete Guide to Installing a Sump Pump

Installing a Sump Pump

When it comes to protecting your basement from water damage, choosing and installing the right sump pump can make all the difference. Sump pumps are a crucial component in any home prone to excess water accumulation, whether from natural groundwater…

Essential Annual Plumbing Maintenance Guide


At CB Smith Plumbing, we understand the profound significance of regular maintenance in preserving the functionality and longevity of your plumbing systems. Proper care not only ensures efficient operation but also safeguards against the inconvenience and expenses that emerge from…

Detecting and Repairing Slab Leaks: A Homeowner’s Guide


Slab leaks pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of your home. Often hidden beneath concrete slabs, these leaks can go unnoticed until they cause significant damage, making early detection and repair crucial. With that in mind, we’re here…