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New Construction & Remodeling Plumbers in Spartanburg, SC

Quality Plumbing for New Builds & Renovations in Greenville & Cherokee Counties

Whether you are starting fresh and building a house or renovating your current space, it is important to consider the layout of your plumbing systems. It is easy to get excited about the different aesthetics, innovative features, and stylish fixtures that will be going into your building, but it is critical to remember that neglecting the layout of your plumbing now will cause tremendous problems down the road. 

Let our knowledgeable specialists at CB Smith Plumbing help you in designing the perfect layout for your property. Determining where different appliances will go is crucial so that we can set up the complicated network of pipes and drainage systems in a manner that is both functional and safe, without disturbing other essential lines and wiring systems. We can provide powerful plumbing work that is built to last.

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New Construction Plumbing Services in Spartanburg, SC

Our Dedicated Plumbing Process for New & Remodeled Properties

You can trust our professionals to utilize a thorough, comprehensive process in installing your property’s plumbing. We use the most innovative techniques of the industry to ensure that your commercial building or house’s plumbing is not only functional but complements the rest of the property’s aesthetic as well. We complete over 40 commercial and 200 residential projects annually and are ready for you!

As we prepare your project for plumbing construction or reconstruction, you can count on our team to:

  • Prepare the existing site by removing any plaster or drywall in the spaces that the lines will be
  • Run all of the lines for draining and venting in their precise positions before any supply lines are laid
  • Extend all the copper supply lines and pipes without damaging the other previously laid plumbing network
  • Hook up major fixtures and appliances, including your toilets, bathtubs, and sinks
  • Install dedicated shut-off valves
  • Place any tiles or wet wall within the shower or bath

Renovating Current Plumbing Systems

If there are already existing plumbing systems in place, it is especially crucial to have renovating specialists at your side. There are many factors you must consider while remodeling, in order to make sure that your home stays safe and secure. Depending on where additional construction is laid, there is a possibility of disturbing or damaging current plumbing systems, creating costly leaks and restoration that you do not want to deal with. 

Alternatively, if your current system is outdated, it may be time to consider renovations to the lines themselves, to match with the rest of the home’s plumbing. No matter the scenario, our experienced technicians can swiftly deal with all the extra challenges posed by remodeling projects. 

  • Increased efficiency: Updating your plumbing system during a remodel can increase the efficiency of your home’s water usage, leading to lower water bills and less waste.
  • Improved functionality: Adding new plumbing fixtures or reconfiguring your plumbing layout can improve the functionality of your space and make it more enjoyable to use.
  • Increased home value: Upgrading your plumbing system can add value to your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers if you decide to sell in the future.
  • Enhanced safety: Old plumbing systems can pose a safety hazard due to leaks or potential water damage. Upgrading your plumbing during a remodel can ensure that your home is safe and secure.
  • Better aesthetic: New plumbing fixtures can update the look and feel of your space, adding a modern touch to your home’s overall aesthetic.
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Benefits of Including Plumbing in Your Spartanburg Remodeling Project

Remodeling your home can be an exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming when it comes to deciding which areas of your home to update. One important consideration is your plumbing system. Here are some benefits of including plumbing in your remodeling project:

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, or entire home, including plumbing in your renovation plans can provide a wide range of benefits. 

Contact CB Smith Plumbing in Spartanburg, SC at (864) 387-5100  to learn more about our plumbing remodeling services and how we can help bring your vision to life.


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Professionals Ensuring Your Plumbing Meets Code requirements

One of the most complicated aspects of building a property from the ground up is trying to ensure that all of the new construction exactly follows the prescribed plumbing codes, both of South Carolina and the rest of the country. These codes are often very detailed and complicated, and on top of this, they often get updated as well, so that the plumbing for a remodeled home may be very different than what it was a decade ago. Local codes can also have specific requirements that differ from the general guidelines throughout the county. 

This is why you should have one of our professionals at CB Smith Plumbing make sure that your whole project is implemented with the highest standards.

Call us today at (864) 387-5100  or contact us online if you are searching for high-quality plumbing remodeling and new construction in Spartanburg.

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